Propane 49 North America's #1 ICE MELTER!

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Place of Origin:
Pennsylvania, United States
Brand Name:
Franklin Roof Renewals
Model Number:
Propellant 49
Ice & Snow Melter:
Melts 36x faster than salt!


Propellant 49 most powerful ice & snow melter known! Goes farther...Lasts longer! Storage GUARANTEED for 2 years.

Don't shovel through another back-breaking winter! Melt ice & snow easier...faster...longer...with Propellant 49.

This incredible chemical pellet melts ice & snow 36 times faster...prevents accidents...reduces snow shoveling...completely eliminates ice chipping! Propellant 49 completely solves winter ice & snow removal problems. The combination of three chemicals into an amazing pelletized form of heat enery makes this possible. By sprinkling the pellets lightly over frozen surfaces, this intense heat is unlocked, the ice & snow thaws by exothermic action...then continues to work as an ice melter for up to 36 hours with its Controlled Melting Action!

Into each Propellant 49 pellet there is concentrated the greatest amount of petential heat energy ever put into a chemical de-icer. So it not only melts faster, but goes much use less and always save on material and time. It can be safely estimated that Propellant 49 will melt tow to three times as much ice as old fashioned melting compounds. Chemically active down to the last speck, it leaves no residue...thus, it reduces the tracking-in of dirt which saves carpets and tiles.The Super Density Pellet also has great heat retention effectiveness...another economy feature. After melting surface ice, Propellant 49 remains chemically active for up to 36 hours, thus preventing further ice formation and retarding later snow coverage. Come this to other de-icing materials that you have to use by the bucketful again and again.

Technical Facts: Propellant 49 melts 36 times faster than salt at 10 degrees...up to 16 times faster than flake calcium chloride...melts ice at any temperature...retains its effectiveness for up to 36 hours. Every shipment of Propellant 49 is 100% chemically active.

*Over 40 years of leadership in the Ice-Melting Field